Donna LiAne's Mud Puddle

"The Mud Puddle is Always Clearer, When You're Not Splashing in it!"

Let it settle you'll be Amazed what you can see what the water clears!

Dear Soul,

I do not know your name or when you will happen upon this page but I do know my heart & soul knows you

& I believe that your heart knows me as well. I believe that if we all follow our own hearts we can make the world we live in a much better place one heart & soul at a time.

This is and has always been a tough one for me to tackle, not because of my belief system but

because of the belief systems of others.

I now a lot of people will not agree with what I think or feel, frankly that's ok with me & should be with you as well! 

I have religious beliefs that coexist with my spiritual beliefs. I know there are many religions and within them many organized groups that believe similarly. The one thing I have never understood is how we can all follow a life source, a source I believe whole heartedly to be the same entity, yet not allow another individual the right to worship in their own way. I will not publicly discuss religion beyond the general outline of my belief system, I will not try to impose my views and opinions upon you, and ask that you respectfully offer up the same courtesy.

From a Spiritual stance I believe we are connected to each other and to every living thing in our world.

I believe we owe it to ourselves and others to protect each other &  our environment.

I believe we were placed here with intent to nurture the plants & animals of the land, sea & air.

I believe it is thru all of them that our very existence is sustained.

I believe deep down that all who hate based on religious belief  are misguided & misinformed.

We can only really know what we are taught or self learn.

I ask you, no matter where you are from, where you live, what religion you follow, to think for a moment about how it is you know what you know. Is it because someone else told you it is truth?

I could tell you from the cradle that the color of the sky is chartreuse, indigo, orange even and if you grew up thinking that color was what you saw when you looked up everything you saw with the same color would be that name until the moment you learned that the sky is blue.

My Point with this correlation is to ask you to think, explore, learn for yourself what it is  our creator wants from you, from me, from all the billions of inhabitants of our earth.

Do you really think our creator wants hatred & warring? 

Do you really think they want us to educate our babies to mistrust, fear, hate,  

&  kill another's baby based on religious belief, color, station in life etc...?

I am not asking you to believe what I believe!

I am however asking you to search your heart & soul!

Search for the truth as our creator would have you know it, not by the way someone who is full of fear & hatred, who educates & controls thru tyranny & intimidation would have you believe they intend it to be.

If any fiber in your being believes what you have been taught could be untrue because it was seeded of fear & hatred

I implore you to trust that fiber, search for your answers, Don't Go Along to Get Along!

From My Heart to Yours, with ALl the Love & Compassion you could possibly imagine!

Always Donna LiAne