I am on a Journey,

sometimes I will be "off the beaten path" so to speak ...

Where does your road lead.....

Donna LiAne's Mud Puddle


"The Mud Puddle is Always Clearer, When You're Not Splashing in it!"

Let it settle you'll be Amazed what you can see what the water clears!

"Life is really simple & beautiful, but we insist on making it complicated."

Hello, I am Donna LiAne...I Am Very Multifaceted,

However My Goals With Creating DonnaLiAne.com are Simple,

I want a place where I can share all of what I am Passionate about,

What went into making me the person I am today & share my Journey as I grow,

hopefully inspiring others along the way.

Similar to leaves on a tree I will be adding new pages & content as I grow.

Many years ago I started referring to myself as multifaceted after I came to the fascinating realization that the Most Successful & Happy People are like Rare Gems, They shine Brilliantly, because they have allowed themselves to be finely crafted.

With a diamond for example, The secret is all in the CUT.  An ideal cut diamond will gather light from even the dimmest sources and return that light back to the eye in flashes of white and colored light by accurately aligned facets polished to a mirror finish. The precision of each facet is what will determine the amount of sparkle in the diamond.  Those amazing flashes of light you see coming from the diamond ring far across the room is an effect called diamond scintillation. This happens when the diamond, the surrounding light, or the person viewing the diamond moves. Diamonds that are not well cut will allow light to escape and very little sparkle or scintillation will occur.

I feel people are much like this too!  We start out "rough" are shaped, formed, polished by life events and the people we are surrounded by and one day twinkle...

The more refined we are the more we can shine.

The better the craftsmen the better the end results.

The more "Light" Love & Knowledge we are exposed to, the more Brilliantly We shine

What do you think makes a great craftsman? 

I think its the passion with which they live and share their purpose.

I know neither a rare gem or the most precious people can shine if they are hidden away, light cannot easily enter a closed box, therefore we need to explore ourselves and expose ourselves to others in order to grow...  I know this because for most of my adult life it seems I just existed. Although I knew I had a greater purpose, that I was a shiny rare brilliant gem, I hid myself because of self doubt, fear, and a lot of

negative self talk that I allowed me to speak to myself.

On my Journey, two of the most important things I have learned are:

First not to gauge your future ability by past events, be they successes or failures.

I have had life changing learning curves by both and my future is not defined by either of them. Second You must allow yourself to shine in the most humble ways possible.

Share your talents, gifts, love and kindness. Give much, expect nothing.