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Creativity & Art come in many forms. We are not limited to just one form or ability. In Fact we are only limited by our own thoughts and perceptions of our ability.

I use to think I was only good at doing hair, I am in fact Great at it as well as many other creative aspects & art forms. I honestly use to think I could not draw I would say I can't even draw a straight stickman (one day someone told me "that's because your's like to dance" lol , and my whole perspective changed in that moment).

As an artist I have tapped into a few things I am good at for example I create natural products & remedies, I created this website as well as the ones for my salon YourLook.Today, a product I created for bites(specifically a spider bite on my hand that would not heal) & stings BugMud.com,  and other businesses.

I would like to share a story .... once I was walking a southern California beach with a friend and my children, We all collected little things, shells, rocks, drift wood etc ... at the end of the day everyone chose their little treasures and I was left sitting on the floor with what I thought were a cute pile of scraps. I sat on the floor with them and started stacking them and turning pieces this way and that ... an urchin shell, rocks, driftwood, a piece of fiberglass and some other things ... when I was done Barnacal Bob was born ... all the bits made the cutest little figurine ... I gave him to my friend but will try to find a picture. I am exploring other artistic avenues and will be posting my art here.

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Donna LiAne's Mud Puddle


"The Mud Puddle is Always Clearer, When You're Not Splashing in it!"

Let it settle you'll be Amazed what you can see what the water clears!