A Little about Me ....

Hello Friends, I am Donna LiAne!

 I am a Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Sister, Auntie, Niece, Cousin, Friend,

Professional Hair Stylist, Artist, Emerging Inspirational Thought Leader & so much more.

There is a lot that has gone into making me who I am today,

I have so much to share and am so happy to have you along on my journey.

The first thing I would like to share is that I feel so unbelievably blessed to be here.

To be able to enjoy watching my 2 beautiful daughters blossom into amazing people, to

watch my grandchildren grow to see them making memories with their great grandparents.

Second I am thankful to have been able to spend the last 30 years of my life doing what I love.

I am extremely passionate about my career choice to be a hairstylist.

 I often tell people it doesn't matter what they do as long as they love it & to follow their dreams!

I didn't realize for many years that what I do has such an impact on others as well as myself,

which is the biggest driving force behind "why I do"

I didn't realize when I was younger and searching for "my purpose in life" 

that I was actually placed in my life  for a greater purpose. 

I have been blessed with extraordinary gifts...

I have found immense joy in my ability to share good energy & my talents.

Being able to do hair for my work I not only touch people physically while creating

walking works of art, I also touch their mind & spirit.

I think there is much to be said for "being comfortable with the skin you're in"

 loving yourself for who & where you are...

But sometimes we all need a little boost ....

It may be in the form of a new hair style, a kind word, a smile, a hug, shared insight

or knowledge, and/or just general encouragement.

I am very certain that everything happens for a reason! 

Very recently I experienced a thing... not just "a Thing" but a "Great Thing"!

While flipping thru Facebook posts my phone opened this strange live feed.

I was immediately drawn to the positive energy of Bryant McGill & Jenni Young.

Little did I know I had been following their positive thought posts under the name

"Simple Reminders" (also the name of their new book) for a while...

This live feed was a lesson in overcoming your fears, for me it has indeed been life changing.

It launched me into this journey of self discovery, connecting me with myself and the inner strength I needed to tap into to become fearless, vulnerable  and be able to share Me.

 I have been pretty much fearless since then lol ... those who know me, I mean really know Me

know how painfully shy I am when not behind my chair where I have been my most confident self for many years. That safe place where I became what I did not Who I Am.

I am so thankful for this  "Un-Accidental" crossing of paths!

Bryant & Jenni are world renowned authors & inspirational thought leaders,

they are on a mission "Holding The Space" as they say .. 

a space where everyone can grow and share in a positive loving atmosphere

a World Wide Inspirational Support Network filled with absolutely AMAZING people!

They have formed The Royal Society ( beroyal.com) as well as the Simple Reminders Network ( simplereminders.com ) They are sharing their Gifts, Thoughts, Knowledge & Love,  as well as giving us the opportunity to share ours with anyone who wants to open their mind & heart.

It didn't take long for me to "Get This"


Therefore I am embarking on a new Journey.

I'm not quitting my day job as it is one of my biggest life passions, but I will be

opening myself up to growing in other areas that I am passionate about as well.

 I will be connecting with other positive people, sharing talents, gifts  & messages. 

I like so many I am a royal thought leader!  I was just unaware of how much I had to share.

I felt that my role on this planet was small and insignificant, until my eyes were opened by how others see me. It was not until the fear of sharing my authentic self was lifted that I truly felt free to be me, but then there was this OH SHIT moment! It was in that moment that I instantly realized, not even I really knew me .. because at some point in my life I was deeply hurt by something and I had hidden myself away in attempt to protect myself from future hurt. Which by the way is really not a protection barrier, instead it was like I had built a fortress of loneliness and isolation. Over the years I began to venture out and I dug a mote, I was very proud of myself for learning that self preservation was very important and filled it with everything that had come into my life that caused pain. Little did I realize that without a fresh life source it would soon become stagnant and toxic.

The Royal Community is just that, A Fresh Life Source!

Now  that my eyes are open through this "Awakening" to life & self, I have learned that while we are all growing at different levels and speeds, no matter where we are in life we all have some great things to offer through our life experiences, and you will never know what any of your somethings are unless you explore & share yourself! Not just the surface, or shallow pools of who you are that you allow others to see, but all the deep caverns and ravines of your soul.

Thank You for taking a little time to get to know me

Feel free to follow along or Jump in

and let the world know who you are.

Donna LiAne's Mud Puddle


"The Mud Puddle is Always Clearer, When You're Not Splashing in it!"